Sober Living Home

Sober Living Homes are group homes specifically for addicts. Sober living homes provide a peaceful and independent living environment for addicts during their stay. At a sober living home you will have certain responsibilities and duties to fulfill in order to be able to stay at the home.

Therapy and Counseling

Another type of outpatient program is therapy and counseling.This type of therapy helps patients focus on the psychological causes and effects dealing with their addiction. Time and length of therapy differs based on each individuals needs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program is a non-residential program that is hospital based. This program can be similar to inpatient programs in many ways but is not a live-in program. Patients typically enjoy the ability to return home in the evenings and receive treatment based on the level of addiction during the day.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An Intensive Outpatient Program is as stated, an outpatient program where patients live at home but still participate in activities at a treatment center. The length and types of activities, courses and treatment vary depending on each individual case. In most cases the types of treatment are very similar to inpatient treatment methods however the patient does not stay on-site. Upon our initial assessment we can determine whether outpatient treatment may be a viable option for each individual.

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Residential Treatment Center Programs are an inpatient type of treatment program. This means patients live on site and focus solely on their recovery. Inpatient care is known to be very effective as patients are able to completely focus on their recovery.