An Intensive Outpatient Program is as stated, an outpatient program where patients live at home but still participate in activities at a treatment center. The length and types of activities, courses and treatment vary depending on each individual case. In most cases the types of treatment are very similar to inpatient treatment methods however the patient does not stay on-site. Upon our initial assessment we can determine whether outpatient treatment may be a viable option for each individual.

Important Things to Know

After taking an initial assessment with Treatment Finder you may find that an Intensive Outpatient Program may be suitable:

  1. Each patient meets with an intake counselor to assess their specific needs to determine the best treatment methods and lengths on their road to recovery.
  2. Treatment in outpatient programs can be very similar to inpatient programs and may include individual and group therapy, support groups, counseling, medicinal treatment and skillset workshops.

Get the Care You Deserve

Although an outpatient program may be suitable for some it is not suitable for everyone. Patients who suffer from multiple addictions and/or additional mental health issues or behavioral issues may not see the best results with an outpatient program.

Nevertheless treatment finder will attempt to find the best treatment option based on each individuals situation. Our team is dedicated and experienced in providing the best options for each potential patient.