Residential Treatment Center Programs are an inpatient type of treatment program. This means patients live on site and focus solely on their recovery. Inpatient care is known to be very effective as patients are able to completely focus on their recovery.

Important Things to Know

Residential Treatment Centers typically have a couple phases that define the recovery process:

  1. The first phase in the Residential Treatment Center Program is detox. This is a period where patients completely eliminate the substance of abuse from their system. Medical staff is typically readily available to ensure a safe detoxification process. With behavioral disorders this phase serves as a final detox from the addictive behavior.
  2. The second phase typically focuses on eliminating the psychological addiction to the substance or behavior of abuse. The treatment methods in this phase vary widely based on the specific case and needs of the individual. Treatment methods range from counseling to courses and activities.

Get the Care You Deserve

Treatment finder will conduct a thorough assessment to pin point each individuals specific needs to get everyone the care they deserve. Based on assessment results each person will be walked through all viable options of treatment to start on their path to recovery.
Additionally, Residential Treatment Centers have different programs tailored to the needs and wants of specific individuals. Different programs include holistic programs, gender specific programs, adolescent programs, and faith based rehab programs.