Sober Living Homes are group homes specifically for addicts.  Sober living homes provide a peaceful and independent living environment for addicts during their stay. At a sober living home you will have certain responsibilities and duties to fulfill in order to be able to stay at the home.

Important Things to Know

Sober living homes provide an independent lifestyle for recovering addicts and are great for transitioning back to independent life after recovery treatment. While living in a sober home the focus is adjusting to independent life without the addiction. Random and frequent drug tests are done to ensure sobriety while in the home.

  1. While living in a sober living home you are responsible for doing different activities which can include doing chores around the home and other recovery activities.
  2. Sober Living Homes provide a more independent lifestyle compared to treatment centers. Typically individuals are able to come and go as they would like as long as they follow the rules of the home.
  3. People living in sober homes usually have to pay rent, bills, and follow all rules just as they would living on their own. This experience helps with learning how to be responsible for themselves as much of this can get

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